The Local Government that Doesn’t Exist

The Local Government that Doesn’t Exist is created, in part, through experimentation. By creating Case Studies to tell our stories, we learn and, in turn, teach others through our experiences. Please check back as we continue to share Cary, NC case studies.

Relational, Not Transactional - Building Cary's 311

“311 is a non-emergency phone number people call in many cities across the country for information about government programs and services, as well as to report problems. As 311 trended nationally, Cary considered implementing it in the early 2000s to continue to improve its citizen experience. Such a change would mean combining the Town’s three non-emergency call centers into one space. But a 311 project didn’t move forward at the time.”

Pay Up! Owning Our Piece of the Mess - Improving Bill Paying

“It was the spring of 2018 when Water System Manager Alex Jones walked into the office of Terry Meyers, an administrative specialist in the Town of Cary’s Public Works Department, and noticed the piles of invoices strewn across the top of her desk. That was when Jones realized the Town had a problem.”

Surviving the Changes of Moving from High Growth to “Maturing” Community: Urban Drive

“In response to the Planning and Zoning Board vote, a diverse team of staff began strategy meetings to move the case forward. Even the smallest details were considered, including context, timing and consulting the developer..”

The Ripple Effect

“In early 2018, a cross-departmental group of employees embarked on a journey together to learn and discuss leadership concepts foundational to Cary’s new and evolving culture. The leadership principles that Sean Stegall brought with him to Cary stemmed from “Leadership on the Line” by Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky. This group was an attempt at a culture and leadership program with a goal to prepare participants to apply the principles of adaptive leadership to their everyday work.”


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